Roadmap LINKCheetah
  • Slack Integration
    • Get notifications in your Slack channel when your gain or lose backlinks to your website.
      Finished: 07/16-2018

  • Show Traffic from Links
    • There is more to a link than just "link juice". Connect your LINKCheetah account with Google Analytics and we will soon enable you to see traffic from each of your links.
      Finished: 10/4-2018

  • Majestic Integration
    • Users will soon have the option to filter domains and links by popular SEO metrics such as TrustFlow and CitationFlow.
      Timeframe: 1 months from now

  • Integration with Zapier
    • With LINKCheetah you can today get notifications upon new or lost backlinks to your website in your Slack channel or by email. However, we recognize that our users want to have notifications elsewhere too. Zapier will make that possible.
      Timeframe: 2 months from now

  • PDF reports
    • PDF reports with actionable information about what happened to your link profile. Setup auto-reporting about link profiles and send them to yourself or clients.
      Timeframe: 3 months from now

  • Link Relevancy Scores
    • Google and other search engines alike values link relevancy as an important factor. We are developing our own relevancy scores based keywords and phrases used on your website compared to the content surrounding referring backlinks to your website.
      Timeframe: 5 months from now

  • Competitor Tracking and Link Profile Comparisons
    • At the moment you can track your competitors link profile and get notifications upon new/lost backlinks. However, we want to enable you to connect a competitor to a project of your own and make comprehensive comparisons in the differences there may be in terms of referring backlinks and the quality hereof.
      Timeframe: 6 months from now