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For every user, you refer you will earn a recurring 20% commission.

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Simple example to earn $500+ in a month!

Every referred user who chooses to subscribe will bring you a lifetime commission.
This means that everytime a subscription is renewed, you will earn 20%.

Plan Price Commission
Small Monthly $49.00 $9.80
Medium Monthly $79.00 $15.80
Large Monthly $129.00 $25.80
Small Annual $199.00 $93.60
Medium Annual $708.00 $141.60
Large Annual $1188.00 $237.60
Total: $524.20 !

Frequently Asked Questions

How about those cookies?

Our tracking is both cookie and session-based for 30 days with the attribution model "last click". If a user signs up using your referral link, you will receive a commision if he upgrades within 1 year!

Affiliate restricted activities:

We allow most form of marketing, however the follow is not allowed:

  • Cashback & Coupon Sites
  • PPC advertising using LINKCheetah Brand
  • Using LINKCheetah brand, logo or name of its service(s) or their misspelled version in PPC advertising, in domain, subdomain, or in profiles on social media.
  • Using misleading or incorrect information (discounts)
Violating these can lead to disapproving your affiliate commissions or end of the partnership.

How much do I make?

You commision will be 20% of each payment made by the referred user.

When do I get paid?

Commission is made via PayPal upon reaching a minimum threshold of $150. Every quater we calculate your commission and send you an email with invoicing details.

Do you have any marketing material?

Indeed we do, feel free shoot us an email with what type of media you are looking for.